front_15 Renting a bike or board in Barcelona? Welcome to Deviant Bikes!

Our bikes…don’t look like rental bikes, each one is as individual as the person who rides them.  We rent the kind of bikes you can’t normally rent:  choose between single-speeds, fixies, BMXs, fat-bikes, fixed gear freestyle (FGFS), dirt jump or vintage road bikes.

Our boards….we have a huge range of boards to suit your style, so whether you want to bomb down one of Barcelona’s many hills, cruise along the beach front or hit the skate park, we’ve got the right board for you.

Whatever you choose we’ll make sure its set up perfectly for you before you leave the shop.  You pay at the end of the rental period so you don’t have to feel you’re racing against the clock.  Once you take a bike or board its yours until you decide you’ve had enough.”

Want to rent a fixie or single speed bike?

They are just: €3,50 per hour ⋅ €25 for 24 hours ⋅ €15 for 2nd day ⋅ €10 for 3rd day and additional days.
All bikes come with brakes, locks and lights are included in the rental price.

Want to rent a board?

They are just: €3 per hour ⋅ €15 for 24 hours ⋅ €10 for 2nd day and additional days.

Located in the centre! 5 minute walk from Plc. Catalunya, 2 minutes from Arc de Triomf