Fixed Gear Bikes

Deviant bikes has several brands and sizes of Fixed Gear Bike for rent.
All Fixie Bikes at Deviant Bikes come with brakes, locks and lights

Pricing: €3,50 per hour ⋅ €25 for 24 hours ⋅ €15 for 2nd day ⋅ €10 for 3rd day and more!

Our selection of Fixed Gear Bikes for Rent

Renting a Fixie Bike at Deviant Bikes is a unique way to transport yourself around the town of Barcelona. It’s doing yourself a favour; instead of walking, taking a taxi, or the often hectic public transport, cycling is one of the easiest and relaxing ways to make your way through town.

The city offers a lot of fun for riders. Besides the nice weather, there are plenty sights to see and more roads to explore.