Fixed Gear Freestyle (FGFS)

We have several Fixed Gear Freestyle bikes for rent!
All FGFS Bike come with locks and lights

Pricing: €3,50 per hour ⋅ €25 for 24 hours ⋅ €15 for 2nd day ⋅ €10 for 3rd day and more!

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Barcelona is a very compact place, plus it’s filled with perfect spots to have fun. Besides the many available street spots, there are skate parks around and you’ll find the occasional dirt ramp on the edges of town.

La Poma Bike Park is not far away, and a creative rider will see the many opportunities that Barcelona has to offer. Besides this there are nice options to take the bikes out for a nice session in one of the skateparks in and around Barcelona. To name a few: Les Corts Skatepark, Sant Adria del Besos Skatepark and Marbella Skatepark.

With the city’s extensive network of cycle lanes and year round beautiful climate, going by bike is one of the easiest and safest ways to get to know Barcelona.