Service and Repairs


Here at Deviant Bikes, we try to give the best care possible to the bikes we rent and sell. Even if you didn’t buy your bike here at Deviant Bikes, we will always give you an honest advice and we help you to fix the problems you are encountering with your ride.

We offer one of our bikes for free during the repair-period. So you’ll be on the way without delay!

If you are in need of a repair, we diagnose the bike, and let you know the estimated total of the repair. This way you’ll never run into unexpected bills.

We all speak English and Spanish and are happy to help you out.

  • List of common repairs:
    • Patch a punctured tube €10
    • Replace inner tube €10
    • Service brake €15
    • Replace brake cables €20
    • Service shifter €15
    • Replace shifter cables €20
    • Truing wheel €15
    • Replace chain €15
    • Regular bike service €30

Other jobs we charge €30 per hour for our labour and wisdom, VAT included.

We also help you out with complete bespoke build-ups, bike-restorations & renovations, convertions to Single Speed, etc.

Pass by to the shop and bring your bike along, so we can help you out!