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BMX – We The People – Arcade

Feeling like BMX’ing in Barcelona? You can!
With a big amount of street-spots + the availability of skateparks across the city, with this WeThePeople BMX you can enjoy all of them.
The Arcade brings together quick and responsive geometry, a solid component selection, with a subtle sprinkling of chrome to back up a genuinely extraordinary bike that turns heads.

We The People. With the lack of BMX-conscious products back then, our mission was to change that. As BMX developed it’s more “independent” attitude in the late 80’s and early 90’s the missing link were rider designed products to represent the then “new style” of BMX as opposed to the neon uniform nonsense of the major bike companies.

So slowly we started a series of strictly limited T-Shirt designs that we distributed ourselves on underground jams, parties and in our evergrowing circle of friends and supporters (…talking about we the people).

Almost all of our first designs quickly became gained the status of representing german BMX pride to the max.
In a rider administrated BMX world, as it was and still is in Germany, the time was just right for rider designed products.
And here you have it: after years and years of trial and error, of a lot of broken bones and dislocated shoulders, we still call ourselves We The People. ….the people that brought you rider a designed attitude for rider designed products.